We found that the best solutions to the business problems will come out of the organization itself. Process-driven Approach is an approach to provide advice to business which can practically yield successful results, by using the process of creating ideas together to get the answer to the problem. Understanding the situation of the organization and creating a Strategic Planning Systems thinking between the consultant and the one who gets consultancy will provide the answers for the organization as well as make it easy for actual implementation.

Our company’s expertise

Consulting for : Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Food, Printing, Petrochemical, Consumer Product Distribution, Asset Management, Property Development


The method of coaching focuses on giving importance to provide solutions (Solutions) rather than looking at problems in organizations (Problems) and also focuses on the individual skills development (Personalize Coaching). This tool is ideal for the development of high potential personnel, both the senior management and those with talent, which is an important variable for developing the potential of the business leaders in the future.

Dr.Tanai have been through the course of Neuroleadership Group which is certified from the International Coach Federation (ICF)

Coaching experience

• Executive Coaching

• Business Coaching

• Project Team Coaching

• Talent Coaching


The important tool in arming the intelligence to the business is the personnel training. Employees cannot develop themselves fully, in terms of knowledge creation and extra new ideas, if we do not arm our personnel with intellectual weapons.  The training thus is one of the processes that most organizations offer to employees to create expertise for their personnel.

Teaching and learning principle

Training in the new era should not focus only on the lecture alone. Because many times, creating just understanding is not sufficient for actual implementation. Good training courses should focus on the workshop training and the creation of an interactive training as a two ways training between the trainers and the participants. It is also an exchange of knowledge of the trainers and the participants that experience the actual work each day. The exchange of knowledge like this will help build up the actual working skills and abilities for the participants as well as increase their potential and their own workings as a result.


Students are at the center of learning. Good learning must create joy of learning to the learner.  The curriculum course is thus designed to meet the needs of the students by affecting the actual implementation and allow them to expand their ideas as well as have their own understanding. The content development is up to date, and is linked to a story in the daily life all the time.

Teaching experience in Strategic Management and the subjects related to strategies, in undergraduate (Thai and International Program), graduate (MBA and Master of Management), and doctoral level.

• Chulalongkorn University, former professor for the Department of Commerce and Accountancy

• College of Management Mahidol University (CMMU), awarded the Teaching Excellence Award (2002-2006)

• Mahidol University International College (MUIC)

• Khon Kaen University

• Assumption University

• Burapha University


TNI And Associates’ Client list


CERTIFIED TRAINER : American Management Association (AMA)
Consulting experience at The Boston Consultant Group
Consulting experience at IBM
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